Take the dance rock of Franz Ferdinand, the garage grooves of OK Go, the harmonic sensibilities of 60's BritPop -- mix them up in a blender and you have a decadently sweet concoction that would best describe The Mad Sugars.

Growing up in a household filled to the brim with rock and roll from the 60's and 70's, it's only appropriate that frontman Adam Gruss took influence from the bands listed above. Taking up the drums at age 8 and learning the entire Beatles repertoire, Adam was hungry to play in bands from the time he was in junior high, and had an active hand in each band's songwriting process. After appearances at Warped Tour, South by Southwest and CMJ, Adam traded the drum set for a guitar and began writing on his own accord.

With the release of "Amateur Hour EP" in June 2015, the band completed its transition to a sound more gritty and energetic, doing away with the relationship woes documented in earlier polished songs and instead opting for stories of the nightlife misadventures of the 20-something guy.

Based in New York City, currently The Mad Sugars are preparing for the release of the EP, planning shows around the NYC area where they'll be showing the audience they're more than just amateurs.

Photo by Bryan Pace